How much does it cost to create a WordPress website?

What does it cost to create a WordPress website?

Wordpess is free for everyone. You can download the open source software and install it on any website. Why are there still costs when you start with WordPress?

For a WordPress website you need the following components.

  • Hosting & domain name registration
  • A design / template
  • Plugins and extensions (apps)

With WordPress, there are plenty of free website templates available that you can use. However, if you want a professional template, you can buy a premium template or have one custom made by a WordPress web designer. There are over 50,000 free plugins for WordPress. These are apps and extensions for your websites. Think of functions such as contact form, gallery, etc.

If you are handy, you can already make a website with only costs for hosting and domain registration.

The basic costs for the website are the costs for hosting and domain registration. The average costs for hosting are between 7 and 15 euros per month and the costs for domain registration are on average 7 euros per year. WordPress has many themes available for all users. Some are free, but some cost over $200. Free WordPress themes are great for beginners, but they often don't have the features necessary for a professional website.

Budget WordPress website: Total costs: 50 to 100 euros

  • Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Free Template & Free Plugins
  • Website maintenance and filling in-house

For whom:

  • You want to start a personal blog
  • It doesn't matter if your site looks the same as most
  • You only want basic functionalities
  • You can get by with little support (ideal if you mainly use it for basic blog functionality)

Cons of Free Themes vs Paid Premium Themes

  • No support
  • Fewer functionalities such as buttons, sliders or layout functions, page builder.
  • Fewer updates.

Tip: These are our favorite free basic plugins that are necessary for your website to run smoothly.

Website and SEO optimization

  • Yoast SEO – improve SEO for your website
  • MonsterInsights (Free) – Gives you insight into visitor statistics Google Analytics
  • WP Super Cache or W3 total Cache– Improves the speed of your website through caching
  • Smush – optimizes your images, thereby ensuring a faster loading time of your website.
  • All In One Rich Snippets


  • Itmes Security of Wordfence: For a secure website against hackers. with backup options


  • Gravity forms: with this you can create extensive forms with auto responders

Emails and newsletters

  • Mail Chimp, Mailpoet, MailerLite


  • Woocommerce

What is the price for a website with more functionalities?

The costs for a more professional wordpress website with more functionalities vary depending on the wishes you have for your website.

If you want to do more with your website than just a presentation of your company, you will soon need extra premium plugins or a premium template.

Unlike free WordPress template, the premium templates often come with extra features. For more website features, you need to use a combination of free + paid plug-in add-ons.

It is best to use a premium theme when:

  • You are going to use WordPress for a business website or you are considering expanding your WordPress website with complex functions such as e-commerce in the future,
  • You want a unique design
  • You want your website to support many different features
  • You need online support every now and then.

The average costs for premium plugins or templates are 30 to 200 euros. So if you would opt for a premium template + a number of premium plugins (incl. hosting and domain registration), a website quickly costs more than 250 euros.

What are the costs of having a WordPress website made by a professional?

Ben je handig met computers en internet dan kan je zelf starten met het maken van een WordPress website. Vind je het echter teveel gedoe en besteed je het liever uit dan kan je de WordPress website laten maken door een WordPress designer / ontwikkelaar. 

They often have the knowledge which plugins are necessary and which work best for the website with your specific wishes. Together you can discuss whether you want a custom design for your website or whether you want to use a premium template that the web designer can adapt to your own corporate identity. 

The website developer will also ensure that your plugins and functionalities work well, that visitors have a good user experience and that your website is optimized for online search engines so that it is also found well in, for example, Google.

We make wordpress websites and WordPress webshops. WIl je een website laten maken door een specialist bekijk dan wat wij voor je kunnen betekenen.


What does my website cost

Calculate the costs of a custom Wordpress website.



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web design

With the basic website, only the homepage/landing page is created for you. You can add as many pages as you want. If you want us to draw up extra pages (e.g. contact, services, about us...) then choose the number of pages below

Number of additional page designs. eg contact, about us, services page. (contact us if more than 20 pages)

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Basic custom wordpress website

Each website includes the following.

Including web design 1 page : homepage / landing page / one-page website. Basic plugins, theme, seo and basic hosting.

web design

    • ✓ Landing Page / Homepage Design
  • ✓ Custom Wordpress web design, unique design

  • WordPress & Plugins

    • Site setup WordPress and plugin installation
       Premium drag and drop page builder
      ✓ 40+ basic modules such as Gallery, contact forms, CTA's etc.
       unlimited number of pages that you can add yourself
       Social media integration
       Setup basic plugins for SEO, security and performance.
    Training and Support

  • 2 hours of training
    3 months monitoring and support

Basic SEO Search Engine Marketing

  • ✓ Keyword research
    ✓ On Page Optimization
    ✓Technical Optimization
    ✓ Google analytics setup & Google Search console
    ✓Sign up Google for indexing
    ✓ Sitemap.xml

Hosting & Domain

  • ✓ Basic hosting package + domain registration (1 year)
    ✓ SSL Certificate
    ✓ Email setup and integration
    ✓ Backup & Security Updates
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Website functionalities

Need extra functionalities for your website? You will find them below.


Multilingual website, WPML integration

cart Kosten wordpress website

E-commerce - Webshop - WooCommerce setup and layout basic page shop pages

EVENEMENTEN Kosten wordpress website

Events calendar


Booking, appointment system

Extended forms

Extended forms (Gravity or Formidable) integration and formatting

login icon Kosten wordpress website

Members / login

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Total costs

The estimated total costs are:


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Total :