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Better findable in search engines through SEO

Optimize your website with SEO

Do you want your website, product or service to be found better in search engines such as Google?
Then have your website improved by SEO search engine optimization. Get more organic traffic from quality and repeat visitors. And get more results from your website with more converting visitors. As an SEO specialist, we are happy to help you increase your visibility online.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is the improvement of a website on certain search queries, so that a website page is shown as high as possible in the organic search results of a search engine and attracts the right visitors according to the content of the website. Search engine optimization also called SEO is part of search engine marketing.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

How do you ensure that your website is found by the right customers on the internet? More than 75% of the internet users start with a search in Google and often do not look further than the first 2 pages of the search results. It is therefore important to appear on the first page of Google with your website with the right keywords. But how do you do that?

Google looks for websites that give the best results for a search. Websites that best match a search term with the right content, quality, relevant links and websites that are user-friendly will therefore appear first in the results. By using search engine optimization (SEO) you ensure that your website becomes easier to find in the organic search results of search engines.

How does SEO search engine optimization work?

Google likes to show the best results for search terms on the first page. Google judges the best result for the user on relevant content, usability of the website and the authority (link popularity) of the website. The user experience of the visitor to a website is Google's top priority.

What steps should you take to improve SEO?
By regularly optimizing your website with quality relevant content and links and by improving the technical performance of your website, your website will be found better in the organic (non-paid, free) search results from Google.

SEO is a continuous process

Because Google's online competition and algorithms are constantly changing SEO a continuous process† This means that you have to make regular adjustments to maintain the position in Google or other search engines.

Search engine optimization SEO

SEO let's do our method

SEO research and website analysis (audit)

Before we start with SEO, we start with research and determining an online strategy. we do a keyword research, competitive analysis and research the current ranking of your website in Google. In addition, we do an extensive website audit to see which on-page and technical points need improvement. In addition, an analysis is made of the current link structure. Both internal and external links are viewed. With the analysis and research, an SEO strategy can be made and a plan of action.

Content optimization

When we have determined the SEO strategy, we will change the content of the optimize website with the researched keywords and search terms. If necessary, texts can be rewritten or new content added to the website. In addition, we advise where necessary about conversion optimization. Adjustments that can ensure that visitors also take desired actions on your website.

Technical optimization

In the technical optimization we ensure, among other things, a good site structure, so that the website is easily indexable for Google and Bing. In addition, it is important that the site is secure (https) and mobile friendly. We also ensure that the website loads fast both on desktop and mobile.

Off-page SEO -Link Building

We give you tips for getting quality links to your website. And ensure that you are found locally. We also provide advice for distributing content via your social channels. 

Monitoring and adjusting

We use various analysis tools to monitor the progress of your ranking, visibility and the conversion of your pages. We make adjustments where necessary.  

Reporting & Evaluation

You will periodically receive a progress report from us, which we will discuss with you and we will advise you on the further strategy.

What does SEO optimization cost?

The rate depends on your needs, the type of website (website or webshop), the size of the website and which parts of SEO you want to outsource.

If you want to outsource the entire SEO search engine optimization and have it maintained by us, we can make you a suitable proposal after we have analyzed your website. If you know exactly for which parts you need support, you can also choose from our separate SEO services. 

Management package for search engine optimization

Because SEO is a continuous process and the results only become visible after some time, we work with a monthly subscription / rate. The fixed rate per month depends on which SEO work we are going to do for you.